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The Compact Footballer includes:

1. Monkey Bars
2. Gymnastic Rings
3. Trapeze
4. Monkey Rings
5. Rock Climb Ropes
6. Rope Ladder
7. Cargo Net 
8. Ninja Net
9. Football Net
10. FREENinja Sticks
11. FREE Net Swing

'The Compact' climbing frame by Growplay is a game changer for garden play equipment! The new compact climbing frame is a stand alone climbing for gardens and is designed for gardens of all shapes and sizes. With our innovative design, we’ve packed all of our fun features into a footprint of just 1.9m x 2.2m.

The Compact Footballer features the addition of the Growplay Compact Ninja Net and Football Net. 

  • Total footprint: 1.9m x 2.2m
  • 1.8m long, height adjustable monkey bars
  • Height adjustable from 1.5m - 2.3m. Suitable for users up to 6ft tall
  • Galvanised and powder coated steel.
  • Freestanding - no concrete or digging required
  • Stable, safe & sturdy

*Rendered images are for illustration purposes only. Detail design and construction methods of some components may vary.


Top View

Side View

Size Chart


What's Included

+ Monkey Bars
+ Gymnastic Rings
+ Trapeze
+ Monkey Rings
+ Rock Climb Ropes
+ Cargo Net (*Included as standard - Free promo's do not include additional cargo net)
+ Rope Ladder

+ Compact Ninja Net

+ FREE Net Swing

The Compact Footballer Packaging

1CP2OAC - Accessories Kit40 * 30 * 30
1CP20L- Left Side117 * 36 * 11
1CP20R - Right Side117 * 36 * 11
1MR1800KIT - Monkey Bars96 * 20 * 13
2LD1 - Ladders118 * 14* 13
1TP1 - Trapeze65 * 10 * 7
1NS2 - Net Swing (if selected)60 * 31 * 11
1NN2 - Compact Ninja Net30 * 30 * 15
SN2- Compact Football Net 

NOTE: Please do not sign for delivery if your kit is incomplete. 


Any accessories added to the cart may be shipped separately and does not make up part of THE COMPACT Footballer kit.